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We’re most impressed with the open communication from the eClinicalWorks team. With over 150 care centers, Advocare has seen over 20% growth in the last two years. We needed a flexible yet reliable RCM solution and a dedicated service team to keep our operations running smoothly. The eClinicalWorks RCM solution offered an intelligent system that gives our providers daily insights on patient claims and payments through easy-to-use dashboards and the eClinicalWorks service team is available to manage day-to-day functions like claim submissions, A/R follow-ups, appeals, and cash collections.

Todd Mallon, CFO of Advocare

With Scribe, our providers now spend less time updating patient records. A task that used to take them up to two or even three hours a day now takes them no more than one hour a day. Scribe is also very cost-efficient for our center. Other scribe services cost the equivalent of two patient visits per day, but eClinicalWorks Scribe only costs us the equivalent of two patient visits per month.

Dr. Daren Wu, Chief Medical Officer of Open Door Family Medical Center

Before eClinicalWorks, we used five different systems for clinical reporting, patient management and more. We moved to the eClinicalWorks Cloud and healow solutions to meet our organizational goals and prepare for future growth. Our physicians played a key role in selecting eClinicalWorks, as they are the primary users of the product on a daily basis. With eClinicalWorks, they will now have a holistic, cloud-based system for data-backed care that will grow with the practice and offer solutions for Value-Based Care.

John A. Taylor, Chief Administrative Officer of Atlanta Women’s Health Group

Given the flexibility required to meet palliative care patients in their current care settings, we needed a solution that combined patient documentation, outcome data for payer markets and data reporting all in one place that could be easily accessible. eClinicalWorks Scribe and PRISMA provide an efficient way to document patient encounters and capture the full scope of our patient’s history so that our time spent with patients is maximized when we travel to them.

Brandy Pratt, President of Advanced Illness Management at Bristol AIM

We were impressed with eClinicalWorks’ experience working with community health centers (CHCs). Oral health care is often akin to CHCs, so this focus is aligned with our program’s mission. The eClinicalWorks team is very receptive, and we’re excited to partner with them to improve the digital dental health experience.

Tim Saxe, KCU’s Director of Strategic Initiatives
Software Advice review for eClinicalWorks EMR: Overall 5 stars, eClinicalWorks provided us with an EMR that was both user-friendly and effective in our pediatric workflow. I cant recommend it enough! Software Advice review for eClinicalWorks EMR: Overall 5 stars, Eclinical was essentially very helpful when switching EMR and provided our office with the support it needed to accomplish proer training Software Advice review for eClinicalWorks EMR: Overall 5 stars, Good overall program especially with the newest updates