What’s New at eClinicalWorks

Thank you for making our 2021 National Conference a success. To highlight the exciting enhancements and solutions discussed during the conference, we’ve split up four areas of the Keynote Address and Product Showcase into the videos you see below. Topics include transforming your front office, robotic process automation, remote medicine, and using a network EHR.

Transform Your Front Office

eClinicalWorks and healow solutions give practices a chance to improve front office efficiency and make life easier for staff by providing patients with:

  • A simple and convenient way to pay bills online by clicking a secure link in a text message
  • Online appointment booking with customizable rules/filters
  • Convenient in-office or mobile check-in options with bill pay

Deploy Robotic Process Automation

eClinicalWorks is using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to help streamline manual processes and make repetitive tasks easier. We have introduced several bots and improved existing ones to help practices in these areas:

  • Appointment booking
  • Document routing
  • Registration
  • Referral management
  • Statement processing
  • Payment posting

Practice Remote Medicine

Remote medicine continues to become a prominent part of healthcare today. eClinicalWorks and healow offers:

  • Apps to better manage health for patients and their families like healow Kids and healow Mom
  • The ability for patients to easily connect health wearables and trackers to the healow app
  • A Remote Patient Monitoring module that lets clinical teams monitor, observe trends, and view alerts based on data collected from patient wearables and trackers
  • healow TeleVisits™ and healow Meet to allow for one-on-one or group telehealth visits

Use a Network EHR – A Smarter EHR

eClinicalWorks continues to find ways to quickly send health information to healthcare professionals that need it at a moment’s notice. Our vision is a networked EHR.

  • Providers that have connected to nationwide interoperability networks have shared 42 million records between disparate systems in the last month
  • PRISMA, the healthcare information search engine, allows providers to search and/or retrieve patient data in seconds from healthcare facilities of all kinds across the country