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Making the Rounds, Day 1

Months of planning, weeks of preparation, and days of amazing teamwork came together for Friday’s kickoff of the 2019 eClinicalWorks and healow National Conference. We invite you to take a look behind the scenes as we geared up to mark our 20th anniversary with the most important people of all — our customers! From rolling out the blue carpet in eCWCentral to turning up the Prenote to Keynote music, we offer a rare look at what goes into the premier healthcare IT conference of the year. Let’s hear from our hosts!


Growing Together in New York City

Urban Health Plan provides care to 90,000 patients during 400,000 encounters per year. Since 2006, the practice has grown from three locations to 11 health centers and 12 school-based clinics. This year, they have 22 active campaigns and expect to send 600,000 messages through eClinicalMessenger®. They have doubled colon cancer screenings and use alerts to notify patients. As they near their 50th anniversary, Urban Health continues to grow through their strategic partnership with eClinicalWorks.



Nestled in a remote part of the Rocky Mountains, the Telluride Medical Center is 65 miles from the nearest hospital, and faces a unique set of challenges in providing care to a community of 5,000 people that can increase to 25,000 or more during the height of ski season. In this live edition of the eCW Podcast, Practice Manager Paula Scheidegger, RN, and Kathryn Beck, RN, discuss how they use the eClinicalWorks EHR and Population Health tools to meet the challenges of daily documentation, improve the continuity of care, and obtain the visibility they need, from the practice level, to care teams, to individual patients.


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